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Playground Equipment

Fry & Associates and Playworld Systems work together to create exciting play environments for children of all ages. When we look at a potential play area, we do not see a place for posts, decks, and slides. We see a place to inspire giggles, excitement, learning, and general silliness. We then go back and design a solution that will bring inspiration to kids and adults alike. After all - play is not just for kids, but for all ages.

A Window to PlayEarly Childhood Toddler Play

We have a wide selection of equipment specifically designed for the developmental requirements and necessary fun factors for children under the age of 5. Playworld Systems' design team has created equipment and activities for specific age levels in the early childhood area. We all know that a toddler has vastly different needs than a 4 year old and the play environment should reflect this. Three four year olds can share a steering wheel can create a game of it, but three toddlers require three steering wheels. We know this, you know this, and our equipment and design reflect this. A four year old will play on loose fill surfacing - while a toddler will explore the surfacing - by ingesting it. We carry what you need and will help to incorporate it in an early childhood settings limited space and budget.
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Don't Fall Into The Lava!School Age

School age children - specifically ages 5-12 - are very demanding in how they play. Play is an essential part of learning. It is an opporunity for children to freely apply the concepts they have learned in the classroom to their environment. Whether they become a pack of wolves on the prowl, or an Egyptian village building a pyramid - the playground is a safe environment that stimulates the imagination and provides the environment to act out heir ideas. A climber can become a tree or a cliff wall - all in the same day. A slide becomes an escape tunnel from the monsters above to the safety of the outside world - or a challenging climb out of the dungeon - or simply a challenging climb testing the child's developing skiThere Are Alligators Down There!lls. The highest deck can be the mast of a ship, a balance walk a bridge over the lava. There is no wrong way for a child to play - except by not playing.
Playworld Systems and Fry & Associates provide the environment that can take play to the highest level - the place where a child loses track of space an time - and the imagined world inside their head becomes the world outside. Where a child can run, climb, a yell for 30 minutes and not even be winded. A place where adults can interact with the children to briefly be a part of that world. A place where safety is not a concern, and the environment is build with an eye for durability and quality so that the play area will provide years of excitement for today's children - and their children tomorrow.